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China Pictorial’s Cover Images for the 60 Years of the People’s Republic | IN2marcom

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China Pictorial’s Cover Images for the 60 Years of the People’s Republic | IN2marcom

China Pictorial’s Cover Images for the 60 Years of the People’s Republic | IN2marcom

Posted: 21 Sep 2009 03:15 AM PDT


China Pictorial's Cover Images for the 60 Years of the People's Republic | IN2marcom http://bit.ly/428zES

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IN2marcom new post: China Pictorial’s Cover Images for the 60 Years of the People’s Republic | check it out http://bit.ly/PbDjd

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Shared by Jim Z.
Wonderful pictorial of the sixty years of the People’s Republic. Nice context provided in the links.

China Pictorial’s Cover Images for the 60 Years of the People’s Republic

Submitted by jason.zhanjia on Monday, 21 September 2009View comments1 Comment

The 60th anniversary of National Day celebrations is definitely one of the hottest online topics in China recently. In addition to the National Day Parade, the film The Founding of A Republic, and all the other headlines, a look back to 60 years’ cover images of China Pictorial is very popular on Internet recently.

Launched in 1950 and designed as a vehicle for presenting captivating photographs alongside informative and interesting articles, China Pictorial became the first comprehensive publication conceived after the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949. The inceptive masthead of the magazine was inscribed by the late Chairman Mao.

Take a look at these 60 cover images, they are great and visible epitome (though they are not objective enough) of key characters, works, events, and issues in the past 60 years of People’s Republic.


1950 The Opening Issue

1951 The Chinese Nightingale

1952 Young Pioneers of China

1953 Death of Marshal Stalin

1954 The Young Pioneers who Present Flowers to Chairman Mao

1955 Joy of A Good Harvest

1956 Qi Baishi

1957 The Night in Ansteel

1958 Secretary of County Party Committee and Experimental Field

1959 China’s First World Champion

1960 First Summit of Mount Everest

1961 Death of Mei Lanfang

1962 Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom (let a hundred schools of thought contend)

1963 Zhu Kezhen

1964 Film: Ashima

1965 The Legend of the Red Lantern

1966 The Little Red Book

1967 Long Live Chairman Mao

1968 The Oil Painting ‘Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan’

1969 Mao Zedong and Lin Biao

1970 The PLA Army Is Ready at Any Time

1971 People’s Republic of China Attended the United Nations

1972 Film: The White-Haired Girl

1973 The Tenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China

1974 China’s First Gift to UN – Ivory Carving of The ‘Chengtu-Kunming Railway’

1975 The Child Star in The Film ‘A Sparkling Red Star’

1976 Death of Chairman Mao

1977   Study the ‘Selected Works Of Mao Tse Tung

1978 Reform and Opening-Up Policy

1979 The Growing Up of China Sports

1980 Film: Nezha Conquers the Dragon King

1981 Death of Soong Ching-ling

1982 The China Women’s National Volleyball Team

1983 Chinese University Students

1984 China-Japan Friendly Relations

1985 China’s Great Wall South Pole Station

1986 China Aerospace

1987 Chen Xiaoxu, Actress Famous for Her Role as Lin Daiyu in The TV Series ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’

1988   CCTV Headquarters

1989 Tsien Hsue-shen

1990 The 11th Asian Games in Beijing

1991 Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

1992 Deng Xiaoping’s Southern Tour of China

1993 Gong Li

1994 Jiang Zemin and The New Generation of Central Leadership

1995 Yang Liping

1996   Sister Ju Ping and The Famous National Children’s TV Show ‘Seven-piece Puzzle

1997 Death of Deng Xiaoping and Hong Kong’s Return to China

1998 Liu Chuanzhi

1999 NATO Bombing of The PRC Embassy in Belgrade

2000 National Centre for the Performing Arts

2001 Migrants from The Three Gorges Area

2002 The New Era in Media Exchanges Across Taiwan Straits

2003 Shenzhou V and The First Human Spaceflight Mission of PRC

2004 Liu Xiang

2005 Hu Jintao at The Annual APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Korea

2006 Qingzang (Qinghai–Tibet) Railway

2007 Compulsory Education in China

2008 Wenchuan Earthquake

2009 A Look Back at 2008

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